Fashion is subjective and when it regards men, the word subjective tells it all. Men can be really insecure about following trends and the results of putting together “something I like” plus “something my girlfriend likes” plus “something that I’ve heard is really on vogue this season” usually brings questionable results. Also, hearing many voices, can in fact take a man who perceives himself as totally incompetent in the subject of fashion, and it can hinder the development of his own identity, creating a mess of different styles.

Another scenario could be, instead, when men have a really high self-esteem and are conscious of being pleasant looking with a fit body (or they are convinced of this even if this might not be exactly true). In this case there are no critics or suggestions that can be heard: the man in question would never ever listen to anyone because he thinks his style is great, perfect, the best you can find. Maybe because he dresses like his friends and the fact of wearing all the same things like uniforms gives him the belief that they are the coolest guys around.

The general fact is that, if a man needs to copy what he sees around or just tries to show in a pretty childish way as much skin (and muscles) as possible, it’s because fashion is usually considered a “girl thing”. Fashion is also associated on many occasions to something stupid and shallow with two negative consequences: first, the women who care about their appearances are considered superficial and, second, men’s wardrobes are often manipulated by their mothers and then by their partners with the result that they become totally dependent on women for what concerns dressing.

What we wear evolves with the times, it’s linked to different cultures and also to the small community in which we live. It is part of our identity as it tells a lot about who we are in the same way as our gestures, the tone of our voices and our attitudes.

The Worst Fashion Trends for Men Special

So, here is a small guide about fashion trends that people in general hate. If you are a man and you decide to go for these, well, it is your choice; but if you are looking for a partner or you would like to keep the one you are with at the moment, in most of the cases it would be better to avoid this fashion. Let’s repeat it another time: fashion (and taste) are subjective; if you feel self-confident while wearing a bun made of fake hair, it is very possible that people will appreciate your confidence and won’t notice the wig. It is also possible that, if you look like Jason Momoa, one of the Hemsworth brothers, Bradley Cooper etc. etc. you might actually look breathless wearing all the wigs you want. Just take this as general advice for a first date, for a job interview, for a formal occasion.

1.The “hipster” beard

Not so much on vogue anymore, fortunately. The thick and long beard which sometimes used to be accompanied by a handlebar mustache, was often and reasonably associated with the hipsters. Beyond its length and thickness, this kind of beard had a well refined shape with not even one hair out of place. Some men used to take vitamin B6 supplements to make it grow faster and stronger and the weirdest part is that they probably also purchased all the merchandise like conditioners and oils to make it soft and shiny. Last but not least, research has demonstrated that long beards hold lots of bacteria (in case crumbs and small pieces of food are not disgusting enough) and the woman who plants her face into her lover’s beard could actually get less bacteria by kissing a dog.

2. Cargo pants

The reasons of this fad that many people seem to have is not very clear. Presumably, the amount of pockets make it difficult to find an object you have put there. In which pocket did I put the keys? I can’t find them, maybe I left them at home? No, here they are just on my right knee. Women don’t like cargo pants either. The articulated shape of these pants obviously doesn’t look good on every body. But as some men look great with the beard, some men may wear cargo pants really well: as already said, it’s a matter of confidence.

3.Deep neck t-shirt

If a woman with a large neckline is considered vulgar and attention seeking because she wants to show her graces, why should a man be seen differently? Men wearing t-shirts with a deep neck and in many cases really tight, want to show their hard pectorals, abdominals and well-toned arms. If you have a nice body and muscles, this will be noticeable anyway by wearing more sober clothes and leaving something to the imagination is never a bad thing. In the opposite case, in which a man wouldn’t be well-toned but heavy, with an overflowing belly, well… the courage is to appreciate, but it’s still a no.

4. Sagging pants (with your bottom out)

This way of wearing pants started in jails: it was a signal that a man was giving to the other inmates to let them know that he was available for sex. This style was adopted by many youngsters for skateboarding, hip-hop dances or for some freestyle rap. The odd thing about this trend is that the pants must stand still and tight under the bottom so they can limit the movement and, in some cases, they can fall down. In fact, while some boys leave just half of their booties peeking out of the pants, some others slide the pants completely down. The result is antiaesthetic: people are forced to see all their underwear and, in a case of sudden movements, they can see more than a pair of shorts. The results are exhilarating because everyone finds the hairy booty of a man who is not conscious of what is happening quite funny. The cons are obviously more that the pros, so unless you are thirteen or less, put a belt on your trousers or buy a tighter pair.