When it is about fashion, some men like to maintain a low profile and to opt for evergreen classics. The trends changed a lot until today and the concepts of “menswear” and “classics” themselves are quite different compared to the past. When did the concept of classic men’s trend start comprising a broader range of styles and items? A lot of time ago. We could say this happened when the punk counterculture reached the most prestigious catwalks and the boutiques all over the world. Or, even earlier, with the iconic hippie movement? Influences of this style are still regularly present in the collections of many designers. What about, instead, of the dressing code of the beat generation? Jack Kerouac is the most famous name inside this movement but the poet Allen Ginsberg is reminded for his style and he’s also considered by many as a precursor of the hippie culture (and fashion). Then, in 1994, for the first time we read the term “metrosexual” and that was another milestone in men’s fashion. For those who perhaps have missed it, a metrosexual is a heterosexual man who spends time and energies in grooming and shopping, who takes care of his appearance even though this could be considered a way of doing proper of gay men (yes, this sounds undoubtedly discriminating but we just report the definition. Also, don’t forget that we’re talking about ‘90s and many things have luckily changed). Anyway, discriminating or not, metrosexuality was a sign that the relationship between men and fashion was going through a metamorphosis: following the trends was not defining anymore your sexual orientation and everyone became free of creating their outfits the way they wanted. Being dressed in an unusual way was not considered “unusual” anymore, so the variety of trends was enlarged.

As time went on, men’s fashion was subject of further transformations: feminine pieces of clothing have been taken and restyled to be worn by men. Today, things are even more different: after a mutual exchanging of womenswear with menswear (that, anyway, is much more scandalous when the men borrow clothes from the women and not vice versa), we landed on the soil of gender fluid.

The Classic Men’s Trends That Never Goes Out of Fashion Special
Source: malemodelscene.net

How this is influencing men’s fashion? The answer is simple: we deny fashion made for men and fashion made for women. In fact, being fluid means going where we want, going for shopping following our emotions and buying what makes us feeling comfortable, confident, and what gives us a personal touch to make our style unique. We also follow the hype and wait impatiently for the drop of a limited edition collection to grab pieces made for a few lucky people.

Wrapping up all these notion about the history of fashion, what we could identify as trends that never go out of fashion? It is strictly personal and so hard to define, but with these tips you certainly can’t ever get wrong.


Starting with the more difficult themes, we know some men could find it hard to accept. But why leave just to the women the privilege of getting some air on their feet during the summer heat? Come on, there’s no need to wear socks in every season, and what about loafers? They leave a bit more of freedom to your feet but the inside, if carried with no socks, will become sweaty and sticky quickly when the weather is hot. Ew! Sandals are just the best option. The classics in this case are the worldwide famous models by Birkenstock. There are three iconic types that you surely know: the two stripe sandals, the flip-flops, the clogs. You can find these made by many brands, in different fabrics and prices.

2. Korean collar shirts

This kind of shirt is suitable for a casual outfit but also to give a peculiar twist to a formal look. It sets you free from the choice of a tie or a bow tie and it never goes out of fashion.

3. Denim jacket

It’s always stylish and you can wear it on t-shirts, shirts, hoodies… Everything! Just be sure of matching the same shade of denim jeans or trousers of a different colour. You can then choose sneakers to make the look casual, boots to make it more vintage, or else, elegant shoes with laces. You can never get wrong.

4. Combat boots

Dr. Martens brand was born in 1961, it’s alive and kicking. There must be a reason! As for the denim jacket, you can fit this type of shoes to different looks. You can wear them without shoelaces and messy or tied up. You can as well find them in different colours and with patterns. They are resistant to bad weather, also to snow.

5. Suits

Here we come to the end with the biggest classic symbol of elegance. Suits change following the trends, but not so much. If you often wear suits, you will surely have many kinds with different colours and fits. If you wear them rarely, only for important occasions, you should choose a black one or, daring a bit more, grey or navy. You could then match them with shirts, ties and various accessories of different colours to change something every time and make your suit looking like is always a new one.