Men wonder what to wear sometimes as much as women do. Maybe even more, if the occasion requires a certain reasoning about their outfits: first dates, weddings, family events, birthdays and so on.

Some men are also reluctant in going shopping as they don’t really know what they want or if what they are buying is the right thing: “Is it too extreme? Too colourful? Too shabby?”

Some men just avoid the experience of choosing and they wear always the same things and rarely renew their wardrobes. That’s a pity! The menswear universe is various almost as much as the womenswear one and literally everyone can find the style that is more suitable for their bodies, their self-confidence, their important and less important occasions.

Some men like to opt for a quite classic style and, when is  about a formal occasions, we cannot disagree with this. Maybe, if they feel like doing it, they could simply give a small refresh to their old looks with new intriguing pieces, just not to wear always the same boring black or navy suits to every wedding they are invited .

Some Stylish Statement Pieces for Men: How to Make an Impression Special

As said, the choice for men nowadays is more than wide, due to the flourishing market of fashion. New designers, new designs, new brands, fast fashion, online shopping, outlets. The great thing is that in many cases you can find good prices, online and offline, and being super classy without spending a fortune.

In case you still have some doubts about what to wear, well, you are obviously free to be comfortable and super casual in your spare time (and, to tell it all, a man who dress excessively elegant just to go and grab a coffee might not be the best thing the world). There are the right moments to dress well and make an impression. Here you can find a list of some stylish statement pieces that you might want resort to, while you are deciding between the black or the navy suit for your cousin’s wedding but you feel a bit more daring. Or maybe you have a first date with your eternal crush or Tinder match or a blind date organized by a friends  of yours and you are panicking because you are meeting her/him in a nice restaurant and not at the local pub? Well: here they are.

1.Tricot tie

It is better to wear this piece in the summer and during the day, never in the night. The reason is that this tie contributes to maintain a certain aura of elegance but, at the same time, it looks more relaxed, casual-chic and “sporty” (if wearing suit and tie can be considered “sporty”, that is another thing to discuss about). You can also wear it, instead that with a full suit, with jacket and pants of different colours and fabric. You can find this kind of tie in different wefts and, following the good manners, you should adapt the width of the tie to the one of the jacket’s revers. If the revers are large and leave a big space to the shirt underneath, the tie will be large as well: if the revers are tight, indeed, the tie must be tight, like a small strip.

A tip for this kind of tie is that, once you take it off, you don’t have to hang it because the fabric can be pulled down by the gravity and become deformed. It is much better to wrap in in a spiral and put on a box or hold on a horizontal plan.

Some Stylish Statement Pieces for Men: How to Make an Impression Special

2. Coloured suit

Do you feel like using more colours? This is a trend recently came back on catwalks. Is not a choice shared by anyone: just have a look to the last collections of Saint Laurent Paris to find out the huge amount of black and neutral colours proposed. But it is also very true that Anthony Vaccarello does much more experiments with unusual shapes and different styles. We suggest, instead, to find a

classic fit suit but in a colour slightly different from the one you always wear. It can be powder blue, light blue, burgundy, dark green, sand color and, if you really want to dare, dark orange or mustard colour. You will be the star of the event and people around you will appreciate you change. Promised.

Some Stylish Statement Pieces for Men: How to Make an Impression Special

3. Sunglasses

In this case, searching for sunnies in fast fashion chains it is definitely not recommended: you will have to spend more, but good sunglasses last many years and you won’t need to buy them too often. Some cheap sunglasses are made in plastic or in materials that don’t really protect the eyes but, instead, can damage them more. In fact, the dark lenses make the pupils to enlarge but, if the material is not good, your eyes will get all the harmful sun rays while they are wide open! So, just make this investment: you can choose between a huge variety of designs, but we suggest to opt for a timeless shape and neutral colours that will allow you to wear your sunnies with (almost) everything. We discourage you to choose an excessively coloured frame like red, blue etc. etc. because, come on, is not what a gentleman would wear. Just opt for black, brown or the dark green of the classic Ray-Ban Aviator. The frame can be in metal, silver or golden, or tortoiseshell. Don’t fall for the latest model on the market, it could fall out fashion quickly: stay classic. The latest tip: remember to take your sunglasses off when you are in closed spaces like restaurants, churchs  (unless you’re there for a funeral), bars and similar, night clubs, museums.