Having a beard is not something only synonym of hipsters now. It’s attractive and more and more common, even for young men. All is in how you take care of it and make it grow. But how do you avoid this frustrating vision of an eternal nascent beard? There is no magical trick but let us give you tips.


How to Get a Thicker Beard Focus on
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Let it grow

Yes, it’s as simple as that but there are ways to avoid the Robinson Crusoe effect. If you have patchy spots, you should let the bear grow as long as you can. The best is to let it grow untrimmed for a month at least at the beginning of the process, on the cheeks and over the chin. Taking care of your beard also helps, especially with oils and balms. Brush it as well to stretch it towards the patchy spots. Never forget to keep it clean, especially in the neckline, cheek lines and moustache areas.


Be Healthy, good diet, hydrated, Supplements, Exercise

Not surprisingly, your diet has an impact on your beard. If you have a healthy diet, especially made of proteins and vitamins, and hydrate yourself well, your beard have a softer touch. Some advise to take supplements as well, like biotin, which will help fortify your hair. Exercise and a good rest will make your hair vitalized and stronger: pport is good for your blood circulation, that’s why it will also be good to make your beard grow; while sleeping increases your testosterone, so it’s advised to sleep at least 8 hours per night. Same for stress: try to limit it, we know that stress makes us lose our hair, so keep calm and let your beard grow!

How to Get a Thicker Beard Focus on
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Take care of your skin

Grow your beard but don’t forget your skin underneath! If you hydrate yourself well, it will help you eliminate the toxins and have nicer skin, so a healthier and thicker beard. Either you like it or not, you will also need to apply a good moisturizer on your skin, while also cleaning your face regularly to remove dead skin cells, causing ingrown hair.

Beard oil, trim, shampoo and conditioner

Beard is hair, so, just like you take care of the hair growing on your head, do it for your facial ones! A good natural beard oil is a great start, this will moisturize your beard but also your skin, getting rid of dandruff beard itch, handy, no?

Trimming is also very important. At the beginning and after the four weeks, the best way is to go to a barber, who will know how to deal with your sacred beard. Then you’ll be able to trim it yourself with a good trimmer of course, two or three times per week. Extra tip: start with your neckline and then the rest of the beard.

Shampoo and conditioner will make your beard smooth and silky, but also thicker.

Last resorts : Dye it, Beard transplant

Some will skip this section, but as a last resort you can always dye your beard or do beard transplant. It will trick the audience but do the job. It’s particularly useful if you have mixed color hair in your beard, to make it homogeneous and as a result, thicker.

You might be reluctant to do so, but beard transplant is actually a real solution if you’re really desperate after trying several natural solutions. The process consists in taking some hair from your back or your scalp, and transplant them on your face, on your patchy spots. The hair then falls out after a couple of weeks then regrow “naturally” after a few months. Only for the brave.