You can’t please everyone, and it is confirmed by the fact that many great movies have both won prestigious awards AND have been banned from countries around the world, including, for some, their home country. Here are some films that haven’t been shown in some countries due to their content. Rafiki – Banned in its home country, Kenya The 2018 movie picturing a lesbian love story has been forbidden to screen in its own country, Kenya, still very conservative and homophobic. The Kenyan authorities have accused it of “promoting lesbianism” (like that would be a bad thing). Still, the censorship has been temporarily lifted, so the film would be eligible for Oscars. It has already won awards at the Chicago International Film Festival and at the Carthage Film Festival (best music and best actress). Last Tango in Paris – Banned by the Bologna Court, Italy When the movie was first released in 1972, its violent and sexual content raised strong objections to it being screened. The Bologna Court banned the movie for two months. In the end, the Last Tango has travelled the world and won many awards, even one in its home country (Golden Goblets, Best Director). The Last Temptation of Christ – Banned in Mexico, Chile, Argentina The Martin Scorsese 1988 movie depicts the life of Jesus in a way that hasn’t pleased everyone. Religious organisations have tried to get it banned from screens, and it was censored in several countries such as Mexico, Chile and Argentina. These restrictions didn’t prevent the movie from winning awards at the Venice Film Festival and National Board of Review. The Wolf of Wall Street – Banned in Malaysia and Nepal Oops, Scorsese did it again. With the 2013 movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, he has won a Golden Globes award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture and the Movie of the Year at AFI Awards, but also several countries’ disapproval. The movie has been banned in Malaysia and Nepal, and some scenes have been cut in the versions that screened in India and Lebanon. It’s not because you get banned from conservative countries that you can’t win awards; remember that when you feel like writing a script with tons of cocaine. Also, don’t write it. Blow was disappointing enough. #acp_paging_menu, .acp_wrapper { display: none; }
Feeling bored, and you have already tried everything to keep yourself entertained, from collecting stamps to throwing eggs at random people on the street? No need to panic, we have it covered. With these fantastic hobbies inspired by no-less fantastic TV characters, you’ll never experience another boring day in your life. This being said, you might lose some friends. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) – Playing with miniature trains Who said a rather annoying and socially awkward scientist didn’t know how to have fun? Sheldon Cooper has proved them wrong with this amazing hobby of his: going to the miniature train store, and buying the greatest trains of all times for his collection. They are so tiny, and that’s all the fun. That rule doesn’t apply to everything, though. Mickey Aldrin (How I Met Your Mother) – Creating disturbing board games Tijuana Slumlord, There’s a Clown Demon Under the Bed!, Diseases!, these are just some of Mickey Aldrin’s greatest board games. Surprisingly enough, these very disturbing games have never met the great success they deserved. If you feel inspired by the bizarre ways a person can die, by everyday life absurdities and by having your friends worried about your mental health, creating disturbing board games is the perfect hobby for you. Ross Geller (Friends) – Puzzles Yes, the ones with the pieces that fit – or don’t. Paleontologists are fun people, and have equally fun hobbies. Who doesn’t like a good puzzle on a sunny Saturday? It is so much more relaxing than hanging out with people, and you get to keep that pale skin tone that makes you look so serious and smart. Captain Holt and Kevin (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) – Hula-Hoop classes Want to spice up your marriage? Captain Holt and his husband Kevin have figured that out in the most clever and entertaining way. Like having a plastic circle around your hips, that keeps falling on your toes, making you feel as stiff as a stick? Here you go! Another advantage is that you can now compete with the guy singing his very personal interpretation of the hit song Wonderwall at parties. Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons) – Studying We have a winner. When you have no idea what to do with your free time, just keep your brain busy with some maths exercises or a philosophy dissertation. Being that bored means you have no friends, which means no one will miss you when you spend weeks at the library on your own. No need to thank us for all the fun that’s now ahead of you! On the other hand, you could just keep reading excellent Popkore articles. Your choice! #acp_paging_menu, .acp_wrapper { display: none; }
Oh no, here they go again. Your partner is getting flirty, and you can see the “I want to have sex” moment coming. Unfortunately, that won’t do for you right now. It’s not that they are ugly – it sure doesn’t help, but let’s not talk about that now -, you’re just not feeling the vibe. Should you just tell them that you’re not in the mood? NO. Because that’s the easiest way to get in a fight. If you don’t have the energy for sex, you definitely don’t have the energy to argue. Here are some efficient(ish) excuses to avoid sex. Oh look, new episodes of our favorite show! Efficiency : 10/10 The cutest, sneakiest way to avoid doing anything you don’t want to do. The only issue with that excuse, is that it has to be true to work. If Netflix is not helping by holding back the episodes, be creative. “Remember that AWESOME show we’ve been wanting to watch for AGES?”. It’s also a good test: if that doesn’t work, you are dating the wrong person. What about the dishes? Efficiency : 4/10 Dishes, or any other thing from your couple’s to-do list. The point is not to actually start doing the dishes. The question should just stress your partner enough to make them lose all will to engage in sexual activities, and make them feel very anxious and worried about life and their future. De nada. I’m tired. Efficiency : 5/10 It’s a 50/50. Some people will get the message, others will not understand that exhaustion is incompatible with trying that new extreme position you’ve been talking about. A visual element such as yawning with your mouth wide open never hurts. You sound like my mother/father. Efficiency : 10/10. Keep in mind that you have to choose carefully after which sentence you put that one. Don’t make it awkward, or you’re in for long-term therapy. Carefully used, the weapon is deadly. And if it doesn’t work, consider breaking-up with that person. They’re obviously into weird stuff. Now, thanks to us, you can go on with your sexless, delightful life. You’re welcome. #acp_paging_menu, .acp_wrapper { display: none; }
If you were a kid in the 90’s, you remember the old Nintendo Game Boy, later followed by the Game Boy Color, that made the most interesting electronic sounds. People at the time were creative, and there was way more to these cartridge than Pokemon and Mario games. Here are some games that no one asked for, and yet still existed. King James Bible The entire Bible, on your Game Boy. If you were ever wondering how you could couple your two coolest hobbies, reading the Bible and playing video games, King James Bible was the answer. No more excuses, your parents had to let you “play” since you were only reading the cool words of Jesus. InfoGenius Productivity Pak: Spell Checker and Calculator Released in 1991, Info Genius Productivity Pak was both the most boring and the most useful game ever released on Game Boy. Even though it didn’t deserve to be called a game, it had some interesting features: you could check the spelling of over 60,000 words, and even use it as a calculator. I mean, where is this game on Nintendo Switch, am I right? World Bowling Isn’t it surprising how bowling-themed video games keep being made on every platform? Even the iPhone one was quite a success. With a catchy name that tried too hard to make World Bowling sound cool, the game was no more than just a bowling alley with poor graphics. Somehow, still sounds good. Uno: Small World Tired of talking to humans? It’s fine. You don’t even need them to play Uno anymore! Or at least, you did not in 1993 in Japan, when Uno: Small World was released. Honestly, what is worst than playing Uno without actually shouting Uno at people? Beavis and Butt-Head Who ever doubted that these two deserved a game? Everyone. And yet somehow, the game has managed to be created by some evil brain. Help Beavis and Butt-Head escape from detention? Sounds like the perfect activity never ever. And of course, all the Disney movies that existed at the time had their fairly interesting games – Tarzan was amazing. People had a spirit of innovation at the time, shame they had no idea what to do with it. #acp_paging_menu, .acp_wrapper { display: none; }
It’s that time of the year again: one rainy day after another, nothing to live for, and everything that goes with that. Luckily, some people have better lives than you do, and even more luckily, they don’t exist. Instead of whining over you own problems, take a moment to relax and enjoy the Occidental vision of what true love and real problems are. Here is a list of heart-warming movies that will make you smile, cry, and call your ex back. Crazy Stupid Love It’s not Ryan Gosling. It’s not even Emma Stone. It’s just… that movie is great. Even if you have watched it once, even if you have watched it ten times, never underestimate its positive effects on a bad mood. The Steve Carell makeover by his pal Gosling is priceless, and will inspire you to become your best self, whenever you’ll feel ready to leave the couch. Hitch The guy is a seduction coach, and helps great, but not very self-confident dudes to get the woman of their dreams. Best plot ever, you say? And it only becomes better with a flawless casting that includes Will Smith and Eva Mendez. If you were looking for a romantic comedy that is predictable, but not too much, rh funny but not ridiculous, you have found it. Also, that little plot twist at the very end. Bridget Jones’ Diary A great classic. Adapted after the book series, Bridget Jones’ Diary is both ridiculously funny, relatable and, somehow, sexy. If you feel like your life has fallen appart and want to make sure that there are worst, more desperate situations, watch it again. You might not be beautiful, or good at your job, but (SPOILER ALERT) you might still end-up with a fancy lawyer after having had sex with Hugh Grant. Woow! Valentine’s Day An ensemble film does not guaranty success, even with hot and famous actors and actresses such as Jessica Alba, Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway and… wait, it does sound like a success already. And it is. Following the special day of several, very different and crazy-acting people, the movie takes us through a variety of lives and situations. There’s always someone to relate to, so grab your best-friend or a tasty snack and press play. Four Weddings and a Funeral “What, again?” Well, yes, again. Four Weddings and a Funeral will NEVER get old, even though the actors have already long started. If your children soon won’t be able to recognize Kristin Scott Thomas, Hugh Grant or Andy McDowell, it’s OK, because you can. Don’t look down upon movies that have been released in the 90’s, some are gold. Friends whose lives change from a wedding to another? Trust me, that is exactly what will happen to you if it hasn’t already begun, so you better be prepared.   Rainy days are great, because for once you have the perfect excuse to stay home and chill. If you are feeling sad and would rather watch a romantic comedy than a documentary about recent wars, it doesn’t mean that you’re dumb or should feel ashamed. Your brain will melt, but it’s fine, because these stories are worth watching. #acp_paging_menu, .acp_wrapper { display: none; }
Things are not going great money wise, and you still hope that it’s going to get better. At what point should you give up, and simply deal with the fact that you need help? And not help from the job center, actual cold hard help from an older, richer person whom you can call Mommy or Daddy. If you tick the following boxes, create yourself anonline profile, or you just might die of starvation. Low life standards? Time to “increase” your relationship ones! The sight of pasta makes you sigh You used to like a good pasta dish, some pesto sauce, maybe a homemade arrabiata. Now you know how real, plain, butterless pasta tastes, and it is not pretty. The worst thing is that you keep finding bits of your deeply boring meals everywhere. The sink, the floor, your hair… How about you settle for a life of caviar? You can’t remember the last time you wore clothes that didn’t have holes in them The positive side is, you are naked most of the time, since you don’t have a job and no one can afford to hang out with you anymore. If you have reached the point of selling all your ok-looking clothes, or if you just haven’t been able to buy some in quite a while, it might be time to invest in one last decent outfit. Try to look better than you have in a long while, and go hunt. The only thing that is more broke than you is your phone screen What we don’t learn at school, is that when something goes wrong, the rest usually follows. Not only have you given up on sushi and cool clothes, but you have also come to think that not being able to use your whole cellphone screen is OK. You know who could by you a new phone? Not you. So find someone who can. What you lack in money you make up for in lies to turn down beers and dinner parties “I’m feeling sick (maybe it’s because of all the pasta)”, “I’m not in town (luckily, you can’t post anything on Instagram with that broken phone)”, “I have other plans”… everything sounds better than “I can’t afford a single pint.”. Go out with a rich person, and you’ll be able to go out with your friends again.   Of course, getting a Sugar Mommy or Daddy should be triggered by a deep interest in mutual agreement relationships, but look at you. If you still had anything made of leather, you would dip it in BBQ sauce, wouldn’t you? Still, how many bad decisions are you willing to make in one lifetime? #acp_paging_menu, .acp_wrapper { display: none; }
Christmas is coming, and you don’t want to be buying something that the person you hate already possesses. Once again, you have decided to go for fun and disturbing rather than for useful and well-thought. We understand that, and that is why we will help you, with the ultimate selection of weird stuff you can buy on Amazon. 25 placenta recipes It’s not juust that you hate your family, it’s just that they deserve to know. Especially your pregnant sister or sister-in-law. After a very long time without sushi and alcohol, what could be more useful than a book with advice on how to cook parts of your own body? It’s not harming the planet if you are the animal. A dick trophy that says World Champion Another tasteful idea for your loved ones. Just had the best night/morning/class of your life? You might want to thank your gifted male partner for that. If you want to make everyone feel particularly uncomfortable, don’t hesitate giving the trophy to one of your male cousins in front of the whole family. It’s going to be a holiday to remember. Small hands so your fingers will have fingers Fingers for fingers. It does sound like a tacky lesbian thriller, but it’s actually what you would get if you were to buy these tiny tiny hands you can place on your fingers. If you’re very bad at maths, no more anxiety when it comes to counting to a hundred! Edible chocolate anuses Always wanted to try in real life, but still afraid that the smell and/or taste will not live up to your expectations? With these anus-shaped chocolates, get practice without the stress. Also, you can give them to your family and see who’s the first one to recognize the shape. Nicolas Cage pillowcases Trouble sleeping alone? It doesn’t have to be like that. With these Nicolas Cage pillowcases, make sure your idol is always right here with you. You don’t have to share everything you intend to do with it, but make good use of that special present. Mullet hair headband A classic. It’s not the most original gift, but not everyone deserves anus-shaped candies. For boring neighbors, a very young niece or nephew, or even a tall dog. Fun guaranteed. Even if you hate Christmas, you can be sure that these gifts will bring some joy and fun to the party. Enough with the jumpers, enough with the expensive phones and video-games: the time has come to take this holiday to the next level. #acp_paging_menu, .acp_wrapper { display: none; }
Being a freelancer has multiple advantages: you can work from bed, you can work from abroad – although you might be too poor to go anywhere, but you can work from your mom’s basement -, you get to choose you weekly schedule – mostly – but also, you get to do stuff that no one else does. Here’s a list of odd freelancer jobs that might make you question that decision to drop out of college. Writing captions for amateur porn videos That’s right, it is a job. Not a well-paid one, one that will make you lose faith in humanity and any use of your right hand, but you can actually do that. Spoiler alert: that’s a lot of bad lighting, very disturbing background music, old people doing it, and for some reason, the guy always arriving late to the casting. Celebrity impersonator What does it mean? Well, it depends. There’s a guy on Fiverr who will record his impersonation of Donald Trump, for as little as 5§ – starting price. Celebrity Clothes designer Fiverr again, believe us, this website is priceless. In only 12hours, someone will write anything you want on a celebrity’s t-shirt. Why? And how on Earth does he need 12hours to do that? Guess you’ll have to pay 5$ to know. Dress as a pirate and say what people want you to say It is an actual freelance job. On Fiverr, Badbeehavior – that’s his code name – will dress up and say anything you want. What does he get from it? 5$. How long will it take to pay back the pirate outfit? No one knows. Sell your dirty panties Sorry dudes, it works better when you are in possession of female genitalia. Quite a few websites offer freelance panty wearers to sell their dirty underwear to… people you don’t want to know. As fun and easy as it sounds, it is quite hard to become “famous” on these websites, and to sell enough to make ‘real’ money. Pet healer through body talk Looks like your animal is a bit depressed? Luckily, you can find online pet healers. What does that mean, and how is that even possible? Use the 30 sessions offer to find out. Why would you write articles or translate documents, when you could actually be living your best life doing what you love? If that is drawing dragons, impersonating Jesus or designing death metal logos for bands, there’s a market for you. It has already been taken though, but feel free to make up your own weird freelancer job. #acp_paging_menu, .acp_wrapper { display: none; }
In case you were not aware, there is very little original content that get produced these days, whether for TV or cinema. That is not only because the networks are so afraid of producing something vaguely different that might not sell, but also because many great stories have already been written, only in the novel format. Here are some TV shows that were originally books, before one clever producer decided to make it more profitable. The Handmaid’s Tale A dystopia that has turned women into reproducing machines? Sold, but first by Margaret Atwood who published the eponymous novel in 1985. It did take a will for Hulu to get its hands on it, but the result? Massive success. 13 Reasons Why Kids don’t read, but they surely will binge a TV show that’s based on a novel. Published in 2007 and written by Jay Asher, the book was only adapted 10 years later by Netflix. Now is this your tape, or is this your book? Hannibal Was Hannibal as good-looking in the novel as Mads Mikkelsen is on screen? You’re all allowed to doubt that, but Bryan Fuller did a great job adapting the series for NBC. A cold-hearted murderer who loves a beautifully crafted crime seen and a fine dinner composed of human flesh? Whether on screen or on paper, that will sell. Orange is the New Black Did you know Piper Chapman, or should we say Piper Kerman, really exists? Orange is The New Black: My year in a Women’s Prison, is actually her autobiography. To know if she was as annoying in real life as she was on screen, you’ll have to read it. However, quicker success than for Margaret Atwood. Gossip Girl Alright, Chuck Bass was gay and owned a monkey, but seriously, these books by Cecily von Ziegesar were good. Less dramatic than the show, but a nice chick-flick that deserved to be adapted for those who don’t read. The End of The F***ing World The latest Netflix indie comedy that is actually a summary of everything the hipster culture has brought to this world – long faces, Instagram filters on literally anything, vintage clothes that look like they smell, and a humor that’s so non-existent it’s funny – is based on a comics series by Charles S. Forsman.   Of course, that’s not the end of the list, and for those of you who STILL don’t know it, Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, Pretty Little Liars, and Big Little Lies, are all based on novels as well. Now turn your TV off, get your reading glasses on and enjoy! #acp_paging_menu, .acp_wrapper { display: none; }
Are you feeling emotionally stable? Because you’re about to experience a real breakdown. 2018 is not only yet another year that has seen us lose faith in humanity and getting closer to the end of the world, it’s also the year many great TV shows have had their final season. There might be great new stuff coming up, but can we be sure? The Big Bang Theory (12 seasons) Not all fans of the series have followed during all twelve quite unequally hilarious seasons. Still, just as when Glee got canceled – if you don’t remember that, you are too young to be on the Internet, go to bed – it’s kind of the end of an era. Bye Penny, Sheldon, Howard…See you on Netflix, nerds. New Girl (7 seasons) Who knew that show still existed? Apparently, clumsy Jess and her flatmates were still a thing until their seventh and last season. Zooey, we’ll miss your sparkling eyes, and something about your personality that we cannot really put our fingers on. It’s not humor, though, definitely. Casual (4 seasons) Casual will leave our lives just as it entered it: quietly, peacefully, with a lot of dignity and in general indifference. For those who have missed it, and there must be many among you, don’t hesitate to watch all four seasons on replay. Valerie, you were insane, and it was a pleasure meeting you. Single moms with crazy brothers are not usually that good-looking. House of Cards (6 seasons) Based on an algorithm to create the perfect series – among other things – the star TV show that kept thousands on their toes during its first season was getting old. Without any regrets we’ll say farewell. Use your budget wisely, Netflix. The Americans (six seasons) The concept was great: Cold War, two Soviet KGB officers pretending to be an ordinary American couple, the Jennings. Well, it might not have been necessary to go through six seasons, but let’s give them an A for effort. Adventure Time (10 seasons) What will young stoners – and children – watch now that Adventure Time has come to an end?! Ten seasons of it on replay. Thanks for being so creative for so long, and for inspiring our most embarrassingly epic dreams. Just like your old aunt who smells funny, it’s always good to know they’re somewhere around, and you can catch up if you really want to. #acp_paging_menu, .acp_wrapper { display: none; }